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About Us

In Blimey we are dedicated to the manufacture of handcraft rubber boots with neoprene lining. We form a young team, adapted to the new markets need in terms of technology, respect for the environment, distribution logistics and ultimately the present  form of managing a production company. But in Blimey we collect the historical and traditional legacy of the manufacture rubber boots in Spain.

We go back to the year 1920 when a small rubber footwear factory was founded in the Basque Country and from where the first vulcanized shoes and boots began to be produced in order to facilitate agricultural and livestock works, and which are now incorporated into the traditional clothing of the different regions of northern Spain (abarcas, montañeras, etc.).

Later, in 1955, the “Gaviota” factory was born, the iconic brand of rubber boots in Spain, which for several decades provided  the Spanish market with its boots and serves as an incubator for the establisment of “Blimey” in 1994 with us innovative concept of manufacturing rubber boots vulcanized with hot  presses and cold body, a unique method witch allows us to produce boots of the highest quality and comfort.